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These passes offer steeply discounted rail travel in Japan.

The Japan Rail Pass covers all Japan Railways (JR) lines in Japan, including Shikoku.

The All Shikoku Rail Pass covers all railway lines on Shikoku, including JR. It also covers the very useful bus service between Matsuyama and Kōchi, as well as the main ferries from Honshū.

So which is best?

If you’re travelling significant distances outside of Shikoku too, get the Japan Rail Pass.

If you’re travelling mainly on Shikoku, get the All Shikoku Rail Pass.

For more detailed information, see our blog post.

If you want to use the Iyonada Monogatari as part of a tour, we can book it for you.

But it’s very popular and we need at least a month’s lead time.

We don’t provide a booking service unless it’s part of a tour.

Yes, but it costs about 30,000 yen a day. So unless you’re part of a large group, it’s beyond the budget of most travellers.

However, if you’re cycling the Shimanami Kaidō with bicycles hired by Shikoku Tours, a rescue service is available. Charges apply if you actually use the service.

There are various options for leaving your luggage securely, or having it forwarded at reasonable cost, so a backup vehicle may not be necessary.

Yes, we can arrange a guide who speaks English.

You can get to Shikoku by road, rail, ferry, and air.

For more detailed information, see our blog post.