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Shikoku Tours is a website that offers tours of Shikoku and Setouchi, the area immediately around Shikoku. The website is managed by the tourism consultancy Knowledge Travel Partners.

We aren’t a company, nor are we a travel agent as such. See the next question.

No, we aren’t. We work with licensed travel agents so you’re covered by the relevant laws protecting travellers in Japan.

The law also requires that you pay the travel agent rather than Shikoku Tours. The travel agent pays us a commission.

No, we don’t. Our tours only happen if you book one.

Shikoku isn’t the sort of place where so many people visit that you could regularly fill a bus. So there are no regular tours that you can just join.

You have to tell us roughly where and when you want to go, and we’ll take it from there. If you want companions, you’ll have to bring them yourself.

We typically need about two weeks to plan a custom tour. Existing packages require less time.

However, if you want to travel in the peak periods, it’s best to book several months in advance.

Yes, we can. Please let us know your schedule and requirements in as much detail as possible.

It depends. If you give us advance notice of several weeks, we can provide guides who speak English and French.

Please note that if your tour covers several days, you’ll be required to pay the accommodation and meals of the guide in addition to the daily rate for the guide.

A guide can add a great deal of interest and enjoyment to your tour though.

Rod Walters of Shikoku Tours is available at a rate of 35,000 yen per day. 

Yes. Most hotels offer this service. It typically costs about 1,500 yen for a big suitcase.

Yes, we do. Our adventure, geisha and sake options are particularly suited to MICE, especially from the point of view of meetings, incentives and team building. Combinations of two or three of these options are a great way to reward high-performing employees or build relationships through shared experiences. Participants will also learn about key elements of Japanese culture, some of which are relevant to service and quality. We can also arrange meetings at Shikoku's various companies.

We can arrange the following adventure options:

These options are all available as part of a MICE package too.

Because it's illegal, and anyway, we dislike the practice of showing 'starting prices' (i.e., completely fanciful figures).

Our tours are custom tours where you choose your route, accommodation and activities. The price will differ greatly according to the season, the grade of accommodation, your choice of transport and so on. Japanese law forbids 'indicative' pricing for this kind of tour.

Where we offer package tours, we show the price clearly.