Kōchi Whale Watching





The coastline of Kōchi Prefecture is in the path of migrating whales of many varieties, and you can take small boats from ports along the coast to watch the whales. The water off Kōchi is exceptionally clear, so you can see these majestic creatures even when they're submerged.

On any given trip, you're likely to see Bryde’s whales, Risso's dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins and flying fish. Of course, cetacean sightings aren't guaranteed, but operators claim more than a 90% chance of seeing some sort of marine mammal.

Most operators offer charter of a single boat for a set fee of around 20,000 yen for about two hours. Groups range in size from one to about twenty people. Shikoku Tours can make you a package of transport, whale watching and accommodation. 

The season runs from April to September.


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To book, email  with the names and ages of the people in your group.


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