As you probably know, Shikoku comprises four prefectures. You may also know that Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s four main islands. The Japanese like to think of their country as a tiny place compared to the rest of the world, which is really big. Ask a Japanese person which is the bigger country, Japan or Great Britain, and they’ll unfailingly pick Great Britain. But Japan is actually 2.9 times bigger than England. Japan isn’t a small country by any means. And with its difficult terrain and undeveloped transportation, Japan’s smallest island Shikoku is a big place.

But because Shikoku is a self-contained place, naturally everyone wants to see it in one go. In fact, we offer various tours that take in Shikoku at one gulp. If you have about a week, you can see what are considered to be the main sights. We offer these tours as a very worthwhile and enjoyable thing to do. If you have limited time, and you want to get a feel of Shikoku, they’re the perfect place to start.


Kochi Castle


Once you’ve seen the main sights though, you’ve hardly seen anything of Shikoku. You could spend a whole week looking at all the Shikoku castles, including some of the best-preserved castles in Japan. You could spend a whole month doing the Shikoku Pilgrimage of 88 Buddhist temples, or enjoying the various outdoor adventure options. And you could spend a lifetime trying to taste all the different food and sake available across Shikoku.


Gorgeous dinner in Kochi

So Shikoku Tours offers both comprehensive and specialist tours. We want you to enjoy Shikoku just as you please. We’re confident that you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable experience whether you choose a general tour of the island, or you choose to focus on just one of the many aspects of Shikoku. And we’ll be delighted if you come back to discover more.